Angry Trout Trail Run - Here fishy, fishy, fishy.

Welcome to the home of the Angry Trout Trail Run!

Located in the heart of the Big Belt Mountains, along the banks  of Trout Creek, is the rustic and charming town of York.  In this beautiful location you'll find the trailhead for the  Angry Trout Trail Run and the annual celebration of York Fest (same day as the run).

Whether you want a challenging run in the rugged mountains of Montana or simply an exhilarating and scenic tromp through the woods, these trails will not disappoint!

This year we are offering two distances:
              5.2 Mile Trail Run
              11 Mile Trail Run

Both of these runs offer breathtaking panoramic views and diversity in terrain and running surfaces.  These runs will take you from wooded valley bottoms to open meadow mountain tops.  And no sight will be seen twice, as both runs are loops.

After you've burned off your calories, mosey on up to the community center for a PANCAKE BREAKFAST.  Then stick around for YORK FEST to enjoy lots of vendors, food, and activities.  Please click on the "To York Fest Website" side tab or click  HEREto bring you to the official York Fest page.

On behalf of the York community, we hope to see you there!

All proceeds go to the York Community Association.
Thanks to our incredibly supportive sponsors:

to come....

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